GJ Chemical is a locally-owned and operated independent retail in southeastern Manitoba, specializing in agronomy services, crop plans, seed retail, crop inputs, field scouting and soil sampling, and application services. GJ Chemical aims to build strong community ties through our work, keeping bonds and partnerships strong in southern Manitoba. We pride ourselves on our crop production insights, and have over 250 combined years of experience in the agriculture industry.



GJ Chemical was founded in February of 2000 in Arnaud, Manitoba, by Greg Janzen and his father John. Greg noticed a need for a local supplier of agricultural products and services in the community, and opened up GJ Chemical to fill those needs. In 2004, GJ Chemical opened their second location in Altona, Manitoba, which proved to be an essential member of the GJ Chemical family. GJ is now owned by Alex Wahl, Brent Manning, Rick Storoschuk, and Charlie Muller. They took over ownership of the company in 2014 and expanded into the aerial application business by acquiring Dale Air Services from Peter and Linda Funk in the same year. In August of 2018, GJ acquired a facility in Altona, which expanded their storage of both seed, chemical, and liquid fertilizer, as well as a dry fertilizer shed to expand GJ Chemical services for their growing clientele.



GJ Chemical is a trusted partner of MK Agro, Dale Air, SJ Agronomy Services, and Friesen Seeds. They all share the same community values that keep southern Manitoba united and strong.